The ‘Vote Bob Dole/Jack Kemp 1996’ Campaign Website Is Still Active

Last week, we found out that New Orleans Saints quarterback/Cajun Boy’s answer for “if you could secretly see anyone naked…” Drew Brees continues to uses the non-Gmail Hotmail, which is amusing in ways that I can’t really explain, but know to be true. Today, Fark discovered that the website for Bob Dole and Jack “Not Shawn” Kemp’s 1996 presidential election campaign is still alive and well, unlike Jack Kemp and much like an elderly man after ingesting Viagra, and now I’m imagining a scenario in which a jaded Republican checks the page every day, hoping for an income tax rate reduction that’s never going to come. Aw.

So what can we learn from Well: nothing. We can learn nothing from Bob Dole (Bob Dole? Bob Dole), but that doesn’t mean it’s not hilarious to read 16-year-old press releases and laugh at primitive web designs. Haha, they didn’t have Alison Brie GIFs back then. SAVAGES.

(Via Fark)