The Wii U Shows Off Its Indie-Cred In A Massive Fan Edited Trailer

Scanning the video game release calendar can be a bit depressing if you own a Wii U — there’s just not a lot in the way of packaged retails games coming out for the system.

Ah, but that doesn’t tell the whole story, as Nintendo has been courting indie developers fairly aggressively. Unfortunately they’re also doing a pretty terrible job of promoting the fact that dozens of promising indie games are coming to their platform. Unless you’re a Nintendo superfan who tracks every game (both big and small) announced for the system, you probably have no idea about the tsunami of indie goodness on the way for the Wii U.

Well, thankfully fans went and cut together a 16-minute trailer that shows off over 70 titles coming out on Wii U in 2013 and early 2014. The trailer is split more-or-less evenly between more traditional retail games and indie titles, and well, it does a great job of making the Wii U actually look like a vital, interesting system…

The Wii U may not have the largest line-up, but after watching that trailer, you certainly have to give the system points for variety. Yes, apparently HD games can come in genres other than “shooter” and colors other than brown and grey — who knew?

via Player Essence