The Worst Trek Round 19: “Threshold” Vs. “Skin of Evil”

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04.20.12 18 Comments

“Course: Oblivion” put up a good fight, but ultimately, “The Way to Eden” won the day and moved on to the Egregious Eight.

And now we come to probably the toughest challenge of the bracket so far.

“Skin of Evil”

TNG, Season 1, Episode 23

An infamous TNG stinker, it features Yar getting bumped off by a tar monster in about the most undignified way possible, serving as the rancid cherry on a sundae of a terrible season.


Voyager, Season 2, Episode 15

And then there’s this, the infamous “Paris goes transwarp, becomes a lizard, turns Janeway into a lizard, and they bone” episode.

Remember: whichever dog wins this round will go on to face “Turnabout Intruder” in the Egregious Eight.

I don’t envy you guys this one, which is why I gave you the weekend to argue about it. Log your votes in the comments or on Facebook.

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