There’s A Lot Of Vague, Murky Talk About Finally Making ‘The Mighty Ducks 4’

When it comes to the films of Emilio Estevez, The Mighty Ducks probably ranks pretty low on my list. Give me Men At Work any day of the week, followed closely by Loaded Weapon One and Stakeout. But my opinion counts for sh*t and the Ducks are a beloved franchise to many.

That’s why they can garner a full oral history over at Time and have said history spur baseless rumors on the Internet about a possible fourth movie. The rumors come from producer Jordan Kerner and star Joshua Jackson From SlashFilm:

Kerner told the publication that in fact, he’s talked to Disney about a revival on multiple occasions. In short:

I’m not going to fuel the rumor mill that it’s going to happen, but I’m saying to you that the studio said to us, “We’d be interested if you come to us with the right story.” And that’s something that we’ve been all thinking about independently and I think that we may be coming closer to having the right idea for that.

One possible concept he’s considered is turning a former Duck into a grown-up coach:

There have been a number of times that we have discussed with the studio the idea of either bringing it back and bringing it back possibly with one or two of the guys who are now in their thirties as the coaches, and having a few more of them be their friends in their lives and having the kids come back.

Clearly the first part of that statement was heeded. I guess any talk of another Mighty Ducks movie gets people stirring, even if they are hitting all the same tired notes of a sports follow-up film. The real bombshell comes with Kerner’s other idea:

Another one would’ve taken the story in a bittersweet direction, with the death of Emilio Estevez’s Gordon Bombay:

I wanted to license this dark adult play, That Championship Season. It was going to be the death of Gordon Bombay as an older man, and Marty was going to play him. And Goldberg would be played by like Jim Belushi.

Jesus, that’s depressing. Jim Belushi? In a role with actual dialogue? Why not just put the gun in the my mouth now. Luckily the solid facts are that there is no official Mighty Ducks sequel in the works. There is nothing but talk and flimsy speculation by the Internet.

That would mean that we are safe from a dead Estevez for now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We could very well see a remake hit the fast track tomorrow with Channing Tatum as the lead. Until then, we just need to enjoy what we have and sop up one of the finer performances of Kenan Thompson’s career.

(Via Slash Film / The AV Club)