There’s An Entire Tumblr Dedicated To Celebrities Using Baguettes As Everyday Objects

One has to assume the thought process behind Baguette-me-nots, a Tumblr dedicated to replacing everyday objects with baguettes, went like this: “Hey I just thought of a funny pun: Baguette-me-nots.” “Haha, that’s good. We should turn that into Tumblr, and get our buddies to pose in the photos.” “Totally.” And thus, Baguette-me-nots.

The blog was created by Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser of Serious Lunch, who got George Takei, Ellie Kemper, and Mathew Broderick, as well as other funny friends, to help them out. If you’ve ever wanted to see a baguette used as Wolverine’s claws, you’re in luck.