These Bionic Sensor Claws Will Make The Perfect Wolverine Halloween Costume

MyoWare has a new video of their bionic retractable Wolverine claws. Bonus: They included a tutorial on how to make your own.

As part of their Kickstarter campaign, which ends June 5, MyoWare released videos and tutorials for an Iron Man repulsor glove and retractable Wolverine claws. Both creations utilize MyoWare’s sensors, which donors can get for donations of $25 or more:

The bionic claws extend and retract with the help of Advancer Technologies’ MyoWare fourth-generation muscle sensor. As the video shared on the company’s YouTube channel demonstrates, it will sense when you flex and relax your forearm causing the claws to react. If you keep your muscle flexed, you can lock the claws so they stay extended.

MyoWare has shot past their fundraising goal of $10,000, bringing in more than $21,000, and in addition to doling out all the rewards for donors, they will be donating sensors to the non-profit organization Limbitless Solutions, who made headlines this year when Robert Downey, Jr., in character as Tony Stark, delivered one of their bionic arms to a 7-year-old boy with a partially developed right arm.

Check out MyoWare’s Iron Man’s repulsor glove in the video below, which has a building tutorial online, as well, and donate to their campaign here.

(Source: The Daily Dot)