Things Just Got Worse For Jon Gosselin, Who Also Abandoned A Kitten When He Was Evicted From His Home

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10.22.14 7 Comments

Last week we told you that awesome guy extraordinaire Jon Gosselin had been evicted from a home in rural Pennsylvania that he had, up until recently, shared with his then-girlfriend. Star has now spoken to the owners of the home Gosselin was renting out and the details are grim.

James and Linda Eways rented the $299,000 home to Gosselin back in 2013, with the option to buy. However after he lost his job as a waiter in a local pub in May (allegedly for “blowing off shifts and coming in late”) Gosselin proceeded to miss four months of rent — which caused the couple to evict him.

But that’s not even the worst of it, because according to Linda Eways, when Gosselin finally did vacate the home — he not only left it trashed but unceremoniously dumped a tiny, helpless kitten in the filthy house.

“I showed up to take a look at the house after Jon was supposed to have been entirely moved out, and what I found completely shocked and infuriated me,” Linda tells Star in an exclusive interview. Garbage and other debris were scattered throughout the house, while white walls and doors inside bore damage from Jon’s dog. “I was so frustrated by the entire situation that I had to leave and give him one more day to entirely move.”

Even worse, Jon had left a tiny kitten abandoned in the house. “We called Jon and asked him about the kitten, and he seemed unconcerned, saying it belonged to his ex girlfriend Liz [Janetta], who left in September,” Linda says. “He just left her there. It broke my heart, but we adopted her.”

According to Star’s sources, Gosselin has now moved into a small apartment that’s not big enough to house his kids, who he has also surrendered his parental rights to in exchange for not having to pay child support. I guess you’ll have to excuse my lack of sympathy for the guy, since it seems like everything that happens to him he brings on himself.

Also, as someone who has rescued more than a few abandoned cats off the street, I can say that there’s a special place in hell for people who dump their pets. Now Jon Gosselin isn’t even going to make it into the “fancy” section of hell reserved for soulless reality television stars.

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