This 14-Year Old Robber Picked The Wrong Beer Delivery Guy To Screw With

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10.30.14 12 Comments

At its core, this story of a 14-year old boy who was arrested in Enid, Oklahoma after trying to rob a convenience store is a sad, unfortunate statement about the youth of America. Why, some might ask, was this boy allegedly suspended from school in the first place? Why, others would add, was he out trying to commit crimes when he should have been at home, serving a punishment for such troubling and often irreversible behavior? How did he get that bag of weed and cigarettes, the more clueless among us might also ponder. We may never know the answers to these and more questions, but we do know one thing – that teen picked the wrong convenience store, and the wrong stun-tick-wielding grandma and giant beer delivery man to mess with on a Tuesday morning.

The security footage of Pope Beer Distributing delivery man Brock Nulph tackling this would-be robber without a second thought is picking up some viral steam, as people in Oklahoma are calling him a hero. But is Nulph really the best part about this supposedly heroic tale? I think we need to give the clerk a little more credit for her adorable fearlessness.

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