This Awesome Professor Taught A Whole Class While Holding A Student’s Crying Baby

Meet Dr. Sydney Engelberg, a professor at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. He went viral thanks to a picture of him doing something that comes very naturally to him, according to his daughter: holding a baby.

Why did a teacher bring a baby to class? Turns out this isn’t Dr. Engelberg’s baby, but rather the child of one of his students who couldn’t get a babysitter and was going to leave the lecture when her kid started crying. When the baby interrupted Engelberg’s organizational behavior class, he took it in stride, lifting the baby into his arms and calming it while continuing to teach. According to his daughter, that’s just the kind of guy he is.

“My dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren, so he just takes the baby,” [Sarit] Fishbaine told BuzzFeed News. “He’s the one that’s in motion, he’s walking around the class. So he just takes the baby and continues teaching.”

Even though Dr. Engelberg doesn’t get why the picture has been viewed more than a million times, he understands both kindness and the importance of education.

“The way he sees the concept of getting education is not only learning the dry facts that you need to learn in class,” she added, “but also learning values. And that’s the very important message that my dad wants to endow to the world.”

Good on you, Dr. Engelberg.

(Via Buzzfeed)