This Baby Executing A Perfect One-Hand Egg Crack Will Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Culinary Skills

This father recorded his 16-month-old daughter flawlessly cracking an egg with one hand and getting it into the bowl without any pieces of shell. According to the YouTube description, he writes that he’d given her the egg to play with assuming he’d be cleaning up a mess, not expecting the actual outcome at all whatsoever. As a person in her 30s who cooks a lot and who still can’t crack an egg with one hand, I find this incredibly impressive.

I don’t know what kind of cookies those are supposed to be, though. It’s just an egg and chocolate chips in a bowl! You may have me beat on the one-handed crack, but I still trump you because I can read a chocolate chip cookie recipe. So suck on that, small adorable child.

Via Foodbeast