This Cement Truck Rear-Ends Another Car On The Highway, But Doesn’t Seem To Want To Stop There

You see a lot of crazy things on the highway. People pissing out of windows, reading newspapers while driving, and accidents of all varieties. That’s where this video comes in, found floating around the fine vistas of Reddit. It features a cement drunk just barreling down the highway, seemingly innocent at first, but then things get interesting:

This lady cut off a cement truck and I watched him rear end her. When I noticed that neither vehicle came to a stop after the accident I started to record…

Once our vertically challenged cameraman gets a little closer, you see the truck is not alone. It’s one of those great surprise Internet videos that you don’t want to spoil. It’s so nice that I even give it a pass for being a vertical video. I’d go vertical too if just witnessed this accident and decided to film while driving.

(Via Jtocs / Reddit)