This Commuter Obsessively Documented The Same Driver Running Red Lights For Over Six Months

There are few things in life more universally frustrating than inconsiderate drivers. People who either think the rules don’t apply to them or are just too self absorbed to realize that other people exist. But what would you do if, nearly every day, you saw the same driver brazenly and recklessly ignoring basic traffic laws, putting other motorists in danger — for over two entire years?

That’s a difficult question to answer, as it would make most peoples’ blood boil. Honk and give a shake of the fist to the driver whenever they pass you? Make a log of the occurring incidents and call the police with the offending driver’s license plate number? Follow them to their destination and leave a pissy note on their car? Go full-on Michael Douglas in Falling Down? (Note: that would probably be my choice. I’M THE BAD GUY, MOTHERF*CKER?)

Well, one Kalamazoo, Michigan driver decided on a different solution. After nearly two years of seeing the same driver running red lights, they decided to document the bad driving with a dash cam, compiling every instance into a nearly twenty-three minute long epic YouTube shaming of instances ranging over months — from April 2014 to November 2014. The YouTube description reads:

Video collage of a driver who runs red lights, uses left turn lanes at intersections to go straight and cut off advancing traffic, and uses the left turn lane to pass moving traffic. This has been going on for over 2 years now.

Crazy? Well yeah, a little bit. But again, you can’t question the mental state of someone tormented by the same jerkass driver for over two years. What really takes it to next-level psychopath though is the amount of effort that was put into even the soundtrack of the video. Can’t have a good obsessive YouTube shaming video without a good soundtrack, obviously.

(Via Reddit)