A Convicted Murderer’s Attempt To Carve ‘666’ Into His Head Went Wrong, Thanks To His Own Mirror

The artfully adorned man in the above mugshot, Nikko Jenkins, is awaiting sentencing in Nebraska for the murder of four people back in 2013. His death penalty hearing was delayed last year after a self-mutilation incident, and Jenkins has only recently been declared competent to stand before a three judge trial in July.

It appears Jenkins may be attempting to get his hearing delayed for a second time, as the convicted murderer once again self harmed last week, claiming that he is not receiving care for his mental illness in prison. While Jenkins last self mutilation was carving a swastika between his eyes, this time he attempted carve “666” into his forehead.

I say “attempted” because things didn’t go exactly according to plan, according to Omaha.com:

Jenkins told a Douglas County judge during a recent telephone hearing that he “self-mutilated” by trying to carve “666” into his forehead.

The problem? Jenkins was looking in a mirror. So he carved the 6s backward — making them look more like upside-down 9s, according to court officials.

Prosecutors are apparently torn as to whether or not Jenkins — who claims that he hears voices and acts under the “voice commands of a serpent god” — is schizophrenic or if he’s faking it. If he’s faking, I can’t tell whether screwing up his own self mutilated mark of the devil is the dumbest or smartest thing he could have done. Either way, it’s unclear whether the court will delay his death penalty hearing yet again over this latest stunt.

(Via RawStory)