This Drunkest Bro Ever Finding An Even Drunker Bro Is Basically Performance Art

For your consideration, the description of the below YouTube video reads: “For every drunk man, there is an equal but opposite drunk man.” And indeed, as the video starts, a drunk bro is holding up his drunker bro who is actively sticking his fingers down his throat trying to make himself throw up. But what happens next — and I say this without a trace of exaggeration or hyperbole — is art.

The comedic timing is so perfect that I thought there was no way possible that this could actually be real and not staged, but when I checked out the other videos on the guy’s YouTube channel I realized, in an ironic twist, that this video is actually the sequel to a first video that is just three-and-a-half minutes of Bro #1 trying to make himself throw up.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved the apex of the internet (language NSFW):