This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Stabbed A Home Intruder With A Spear

A warning to all  of you aspiring burglars out there: never invade the home of a Game of Thrones fan. Meet Jimmy Morgan Jr., a God-fearing Christian from Wichita Falls, Texas who also just happens to love George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book series. Now meet Thomas McGowan, a 25-year-old kid who made the unfortunate decision to break into Morgan’s home after being involved in a high-speed chase with the local Wichita Falls police department. If McGowan thought the Doughnut Squad was the worst of his worries, he’s obviously never heard of the Night’s Watch.

Morgan, who collects medieval weapons in his spare time and takes part in sport called SCA armored combat, gave McGowan a Westerosi style greeting after the unwanted houseguest came in through the window of his trailer one night. Sporting a Night’s Watch t-shirt, the GoT fan explained to a local news outlet how he used the short spear he keeps beside his bed to scare off the ruffian:

I don’t have a firearm so I have a short spear, very quick, very agile and very deadly. He started retreating and I started advancing and I was stalking him here, you never cross your legs, and I cornered him. The door was locked and shut. He was panicked at this point. He said, ‘I can’t get out, I can’t get out’. As he was running, he smeared blood from here to high heaven and he splattered here and he splattered there and splattered all over there. It was like a deer. I am a Christian man and I don’t want to take life, however I want to make sure that he understands that his life was mine to take. I let him have it.

Though obviously not needed, Morgan eventually called the police after running off the would-be burglar who promptly arrested him for evading arrest with a vehicle, criminal trespass of a habitation, and driving while intoxicated.

Via Gawker