This Group Of Thieves Didn’t Count On The MMA Fighter Working At This Gas Station

A group of thieves in Houston, TX made the mistake of trying to rob a gas station employee in the parking lot upon his return from the bank. It was mistake because of who was working inside of the station at the time: Mayura Dissanayake, a semi-pro MMA fighter.

As soon as the robbery was underway, Dissanayake exited the station and proceeded to unleash an ass beating that won’t soon be forgotten. After several kicks to the face and punches, the robbers attempted to flee to the waiting getaway vehicle. One wasn’t lucky enough to escape and ended up being pounded into submission until police arrived.

The best part is how nice and calm Dissanayake is about the entire ordeal. It’s like night and day when comparing the fight to his interview. It’s no wonder the customers at the station call it a feel good story, the dude is a saint.

(Via YouTube / KPRC)