This Guy Drew A Dick A Day On Snapchat And Got Super Creative With It

A year ago, a YouTube user named Dominic Intagliata was inspired to draw a dick a day on a dry erase board. Yes, the word here is “inspired,” and it’s the right word to use in this context. So, who inspired him?

In February, 2013, a man’s wife challenged him to draw a penis every day for a year on her newly purchases dry erase board. He posted the results a year later. Upon seeing the brilliance of his work, I decided I would take on such a task. I watched his video a few times initially and a few times throughout the year so as not to copy any of his ideas. However, there are a few unintentional duplicates. No offense is meant with any of the drawings. It’s all in good fun. (Via)

Intagliata didn’t just draw big ol’ dicks and complimentary balls, per se. He illustrated sets of male genitalia creatively woven into images from film, television, and pop culture. The artist’s source material runs the gamut of UPROXX’s preferred content and beyond. (There’s even an egregiously graphic one sitting atop the iron throne at one point.)

All this fine work was shared with the world daily on Snapchat, and the fruits of Intagliata’s labor are collected in the video above.

About a month into the process, he also began tweeting some of his favorites at the @aDickaDay handle:

Thanks to the internet, he’s now famous for drawing penises for 365 consecutive days, the same thing guys do on their desks and the bathroom walls in middle and high school. Sort of puts your own life into perspective, doesn’t it?

Via BuzzFeed