This Guy Is Recreating The Posters Every College Student Owns

It’s the early days of August, only a few weeks before you’re moving out of your parents’ house and into a run-down college dorm, hundreds of miles away. You’re preparing for the life change, purchasing all the essential items. Your future alma mater suggests that you get shower caddies, storage trays, hangers, desk lamps, all that boring stuff you’ll make your mother buy at Target.

The only thing on your list is what’s going to set you apart from the underclassmen riff-raff, what will make the guys jealous and the girls want to have sex with you: a poster of John Belushi in Animal House. And then, you arrive to your dorm and see that literally everyone has one because every college student ever has framed Bluto’s “COLLEGE” shirt above their bed. Or if not Belushi, then The Kramer, or Pink Floyd’s “back catalogue,” or any Hot Topic-approved poster that Instagram user Spencer Cameron recreated for his “#7daysofposterposing” campaign.

Even in 1,000 years, people will still want to be Tyler Durden. Here are the rest.

Via bessieseeds on Instagram