This Guy Ordered And Ate One Of Every Item From The White Caste Menu, As One Does

For some reason, sent a reporter — a true investigative journalist in every sense of the word — to a Midtown Manhattan White Castle to order one of everything on the menu and consume it in one sitting. Honestly, I’m just amazed that there are that many things to eat at White Castle. Why anyone would want anything there other than their original crack burgers and maybe fries is beyond me.

But there are actually a whole lot of things on the White Castle menu, so much so that it set our intrepid reporter back $60.22 and 9,745 calories. I’m gonna be honest, he really didn’t need to drink the carton of orange juice. I would still have been impressed.

On a related note, today is apparently National Slider Day, so White Castle is giving away two free sliders to every customer. You’re welcome.

(Via Mashable)