This Guy Passed The Time By Flying His Drone Copter While Stuck In Houston Traffic

The Sam Houston Tollway, otherwise known as Beltway 8, is a highway loop that encircles the city of Houston, Texas with a whopping 88 miles of concrete. Earlier today, Reddit user “MrTaylors” experienced severe traffic on its northwestern flank after a downed power line blocked safe passage. Luckily he had something to distract him from the gridlock:

Got stuck in Houston traffic today on TX-8 because of a downed power line. Had my drone with me so…

He posted the above photo and, all things being equal, Reddit users loved it into oblivion. They even upvoted it past the gates of front page Mecca within hours.

With some more time to kill, the original poster stuck around to answer a few questions, even explaining that he carries the drone “quadcopter” for work:

petrichorE6: Well, what do you work as? NSA agent? Russian spy? Pervert? Or Mad Scientist?

MrTaylors: Real estate photography. No government ties, sorry.

invalid_character: Now tagged as “Very likely a Government Agent”

Is he taking photos of real estate for real estate agents, sellers, or potential buyers? Is he photographing real estate for purposes of espionage? Is he a creeper? Since his answer is too ambiguous to know for certain, I’m going to have to agree with “invalid_character” on this one. Irony be damned.

Source: Reddit and KHOU