Meet The Guy Who Photoshops Himself Into Stock Photos With Hilarious Results

Photobombing is no easy task — you have to consider the timing, location, facial expression, context, and so forth before inviting yourself into someone’s picture. Emma Stone did it brilliantly recently, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm’s 30 Rock one was priceless, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Golden Globes stunt was impeccably executed. Now there’s a new photobomber on the prowl and he’s targeting a different kind of picture: the almighty stock photo.

The Stock Photobomber — who claims he’s had 20 years experience in advertising — Photoshops himself into various random stock photos. It may sound simple enough, but the results are pretty hysterical as he’s able to change the entire story of each image.

Yes, thanks to the Stock Photobomber, where there was once a lovely family celebrating a nice birthday, now there’s a lovely family celebrating a nice birthday…with a half-dressed drunk. A picture showing a woman triumphantly raising her hands after hiking to the top of a mountain? Now, it appears as though she’s inadvertently killed someone in the process.

Check out some before/after photo examples below, some of which come with his own clever captions.

Before: “Young couple playing in the water”

After: “Man discreetly using the ocean as a bathroom”

Before: “Couple kissing outside”

After: “Man being third wheel”

Before: “Mountain hike”

After: “Man sent to his death by enthusiastic gesture”

Before: “Woman with hands behind head”

After: “Man enjoying girlfriend’s pits”

(Via Tumblr)