This Harrowing Video Of A Bear Rescuing A Crow Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something

08.01.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Bystanders at the Budapest Zoo were treated to quite an amazing scene as a crow who had somehow gotten into a bear habitat and stuck in the water (worst crow ever?) was rescued by the bear, which gingerly pulled it out of the water by its wing and went on its bumbly bear way. On one hand, it’s certainly true that different animals do have basic, primal understandings of compassion to varying degrees and that it’s absolutely possible that the bear was attempting to rescue the bird. But it’s more likely that this just happened to be a well fed bear in captivity that has never had to kill and eat live prey, so the bear was probably just like, “Oh, what’s that thing? Bored now. Oh look, there’s some food over there.”

However you want to see it, it’s still pretty incredible either way. Even the bird is like, “WTF, you’re not going to eat me?” But having said that, LOL at the top YouTube comment:

One of the most #beautiful videos I have ever seen, is this how ‘ #humanity ‘ should be?

Yes. A bear in captivity at the zoo that’s probably too dumb to know how to eat a bird is 100% representative of how humanity should be. This video might end up breaking Upworthy.

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