Man Who Got His Testicles Stuck In A Lawn Chair While Drinking In The Shower Has The Diagram To Prove It

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11.26.14 3 Comments

There is not much that can comically enhance this latest gem from Reddit’s hallowed TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) section, so without further ado . . .

After hearing from a friend that sitting in the shower was the best thing ever, I decided to take it to the next level. I brought one of those green plastic patio chairs in the shower with me, accompanied by a good showerbeer. After relaxing for a good 15 minutes, the plastic chair became flexible enough to warp, allowing my testicles to slip through the slots on the seat. I was initially unaware of this, and began to stand up to turn off the shower, and the chair, fastened to my testicles, prevented me from standing. In a moment of panic, pain, and confusion, I tipped the chair over sideways in the shower, which was still secured to my precious scrotum. In order to save myself, I had to orient myself with my back facing the ground, with the bottom of the seat pointing towards the showerhead. I then sat there for 5 minutes, long enough until I could warp the slot with my hands to release the family jewels from captivity.

7/10 would showerchair with showerbeer again

I’m sorry, did I say there wasn’t much that could comically enhance this story? LOL my bad. Homeboy drew us this helpful diagram, in case your brain is a little fuzzy on how exactly this scene would have looked as it played out:

That’s an MS Paint nearly worthy of our own Danger Guerrero. I almost feel compelled to go check on Danger… uh, you know, just in case — but I don’t think he uses found images in his MS Paint masterpieces. He’s a purist like that.

(Via Reddit)

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