This Insane 90-Foot Water Slide Has A Vertical Loop And Is Coming To New Jersey Next Year

New Jersey’s Action Park will soon be home to a new 90-foot water slide named Sky Caliber. If all goes according to plan, the behemoth slide — with its 45-foot free fall and 30-foot full vertical loop — will premiere at the park in 2016. New Jersey was briefly home to another looping water slide in the ’80s, but it was shut down a week later due to safety issues.

Avalanche Waterslides is the name of the company behind the slide, and they’re hoping that their design will alleviate concerns of injury by taking the factor of skin-to-surface contact completely out of the equation. Instead, riders will be expected to insert themselves into an aluminum alloy-framed cage — I mean, capsule — before plummeting to an uncertain doom inside this hell-tube of death… I mean, slide.

Sure, sounds perfectly safe to me.

Via L.A. Times and Laughing Squid