This Is Probably Your PS4 Controller

Yesterday a picture of the controller for Sony’s next generation system leaked online. There was some debate over whether it was a fake, but numerous sources have since stepped forward and confirmed its authenticity.

So Playstation fans, want to see what you’ll be wrapping your hands around for the next five years or more? Hit the jump for the full look…

As you can see, it’s not a radical change from the PS3 controller. In fact it even has a little Playstation logo on one of its buttons, perhaps confirming that Sony isn’t ditching the “Playstation” brand after all. The bright blue thing on top is probably a Move sensor. The shiny pad in the middle is a touch sensor — similar to the one on the back of the Vita.

So, it seems like Sony is trying to have things both ways — some new motion and touch controls, but they’re still keeping the classic Playstation form and not going for a full-out tablet controller like Nintendo.

We’ll probably see more of the controller on February 20th when Sony is maybe, probably, totally unveiling their next console. What do you folks think of the new controller?

via Destructoid