This Jeep Driver Taught A Corvette Owner A Lesson About Parking Like An A-Hole

Haha, people who care about their cars, am I right? I bought the first and only brand new car I’ll ever buy in my life right after I started my first “grownup” job right out of college, because my dad told me it was a good investment. Worst mistake I ever made. As soon as the warranty was up everything that could go wrong went wrong so then on top of endless monthly payments I also ended up footing what seemed like thousands every year on repairs. By the time I finally got rid of it neither of the door handles worked and I had to climb in through the hatchback.

Another downside to having a car that you care about is that sometimes it makes you act like an asshole. Case in point: This Redditor who goes by AnotherCJMajor writes that after being stuck for two hours in New Jersey traffic, he arrived at his destination and pulled into this “semi-busy” restaurant parking lot only to come across this Corvette-owning douchebag taking up two spots, as to preserve the integrity of his beloved automobile. So he decided to take it into his own hands to teach Johnny Black T-Shirt Gold Chain a lesson, capturing the ensuing reaction to film.

I’d like to say that he learned it, but we all know that’s not true.