This Loud Metallica Fan Is Not Someone You Want To Be Trapped In An Elevator With

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12.10.14 6 Comments

Two people enter an elevator, neither leaves with their sanity.

YouTuber “Nick Nerv” got trapped in an elevator today with a “crazy person” for over 90 minutes. That may not sound like much time, but it is when you’re within inches of a guy wearing a fedora who’s not only loudly screaming the lyrics to “Enter Sandman” but also telling an operator, “HOW ABOUT CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT TO OPEN THE DOOR THEN CALL THE POLICE SO I CAN SUE THIS F*CKING BUILDING.” Crazy Fedora Man’s right to be pissed that the building didn’t more; “Nick” was equally more right for recording the whole thing.

(This is only part two of a five-part series.)

Via Reddit

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