This Mortifying Collection Of Text Messages From Parents Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Family


Parents, am I right people? Once they figured out how to send text messages, we knew it was all over. (Actually, once they joined Facebook, we knew that it was over over, but at least you can hide on Facebook.) And while some may have found a way to have fun with texting their parents, for many of others, it’s almost as if our givers-of-life found a way to invade our last safe haven.

Such is how this Instagram account came to be, “Your Shitty Family,” which collects some of the most mortifying texting crimes from parents, and sometimes siblings or grandparents. Laugh because it’s not you, as no amount of therapy can fix an accidentally sent “sext” from a parental figure or that time dear old dad tried to get you a job at Hooters.

Here are some of the best we found (some mildly NSFW):

(Via Daily Mail)