This Muscle-Bound Kangaroo Wants To Know If You Even Lift, Bro

In a Brisbane, Australian suburb, there’s a kangaroo establishing dominance over his neighbors with his imposing physical stature and impeccable workout routine.

He’s also “terrorizing” the suburb, according to the Toronto Sun. But, according to the New York Daily News, he’s “flexing.”

Whatever he’s doing, Buff Kangaroo has a few questions for you today. A little advice: If you know what’s good for you, just stand still and answer truthfully.

What are you doing over here this time of night? You got business over here, buddy?

You know you’re doing that all wrong, right? You wanna get full extension every rep.

Does it look like I skipped leg day? I totally skipped leg day.

You get a chance to lift today? Or nah?

… Yea, cuz I’m about to go lift.

Just go lift, bro, and stop thinking about it.

(Via New York Daily News, Toronto Sun)