This Phone Fell To The Ocean Floor Camera-Side Up And Kept Recording

Aren’t siblings wonderful? Whether they’re older, younger, or the same age, brothers and sisters can be a wonderfully royal pain. Case in point: YouTube user Gregory Papadin‘s brother who, after jumping into the ocean with his iPhone 5 in hand, tried to chuck the rather expensive piece of equipment back onto their rented boat. He failed.

Luckily, as Papadin points out in the comments, his iPhone was encased in a waterproof Lifeproof case. That’s a good thing because the phone tumbled all the way down to the ocean floor, fell camera-side up, and kept recording.

The underwater pressure was too much for both my brother and I to swim and get it, but the owner of the boat we rented was able to reduce the pressure using a special breathing method meant for diving. He was able to retrieve it, and my phone managed to survive the whole ordeal!

As you can see, the video is regrettably vertical, but no matter. You still get some cool underwater views from the ocean floor! All this needs now is Sebastian’s jiving lyrics from The Little Mermaid‘s “Under the Sea.”

(Via Gregory Papadin)