This Remote Controlled Car Chase Is Better Than A Lot Of Chases With Real Cars

10.18.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Remote controlled cars! Back before everything we owned could play video games, RC cars were about the coolest thing a kid could own. At least in theory. Mine usually didn’t last very long. Also, D batteries. F–k those things.

Anyways, some guys went and put together an epic car chase scene, complete with Tokyo drifting and fruit-stand collisions, using RC cars. It’s pretty great. Check it out after the jump…


So yeah, a car chase scene with nothing but toy cars is pretty cool. Trying to mix real cars and RC cars doesn’t work as well.


That’s one of my top five favorite bad movie scenes of all time. I’ll take any opportunity to post it, so you haven’t seen the last of it.

via Tastefully Offensive

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