This Science Teacher Completed His Students’ Random Doodles And The Results Are Quite Clever

Reddit user Squeezymo teaches science to a bunch of eighth and ninth grade girls in Thailand. Upon noticing doodles on their homework assignments, he came up with a pretty neat idea: He’d help complete the drawings with doodles of his own!

He posted the results on Tumblr and they’re nothing short of awesome. A delicious fish meal…accompanied by a sad fish funeral. An overdressed teenager…now wearing ice skates indoors. A dream catcher…that managed to wrangle up a “dream teacher.” A guitar…accompanied by a mohawk-sportin’ rock star. A group of penguins…hopping on a bus to “penguin school.” Check out some of the clever doodles below.

And here’s a “selfie” of the creative science teacher:

(Via io9)