This Six-Year-Old Kid Makes Some Good Points About Why We Shouldn’t Vote For Obama

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.31.12 13 Comments

There are three things, and three things only, that six year olds are truly adept at: watching Nickelodeon, eating chicken nuggets, and discussing politics. Ask any six-year-old their thoughts on the current administration’s foreign policies, and they’ll go on for HOURS.

One precocious youngster in particular, Isaac Anthony, even has 10 reasons why hard-working Americans shouldn’t vote for NObama in the upcoming election. The fact that Isaac can’t himself vote for 12 more years doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t important — he just wants everyone to know that if Obama wins again, he might kill every baby in the country.

The video below comes courtesy of Patriot Update, “the leading news source for the everyday American,” which might as well read, “YAY TEA PARTY, BOO LIBERALS.” Information about Isaac’s parents, who made their poor, sunglasses-wearing son star in the video, is sparse, but I have to believe they’re good people. I mean, who hasn’t used their kid as a political mouthpiece these days?

Dude sure knows how to strike a pose, though:


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