This Supercut Proves He-Man Was Kind Of A Jerk

Previously, we found a supercut demonstrating Skeletor’s mastery of the non-profane insult. Now that’s been followed up with a supercut of He-Man’s insults (found by Geeks Are Sexy), which mostly demonstrates what a jackass He-Man actually was.

Seriously, in less than a minute, he insults Battlecat for not running fast enough, condescends to Teela, picks on Beast-Man, and generally demonstrates he’s incredibly sarcastic at the least appropriate possible moments. All in all, his insult game isn’t quite as sharp as Skeletor’s, but once you consider he usually follows these up with a sound beating, you start to wonder if maybe Prince Adam got a little too full of himself. True, he’ll never beat the master of superheroic condescension, but still, maybe dial it back a little, dude.