This Wearable Device Will Tell You When Poop Is On The Way Because You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

It would be easy for me to sit here all day and write fictitious taglines for this product, but the truth is, this thing could help a lot of people. D Free is a device that when pressed against your stomach, lets you know if your bowels are about to evacuate. It also takes in info like diet and regular bathroom habits to give you a crystal clear time — via countdown clock in an app — of when the poo will occur. People who have medical issues like IBS, or people who have had surgery on their intestines will consider this device a godsend, and for that, I’ll refrain from the usual poo humor that accompanies pieces like this.

Still, the video — with the pained faces, stomach grabbing, and undertones of an SNL skit — is kind of entertaining.

Via Daily Dot