This Week In Cute: Corgis, Piglets, And Bunnies, Oh My!

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Hello, all, and welcome to This Week In Cute, our round-up of all the cutest animal hijinx we’ve found online this week. Sick and tired of humans being all depressing and complicated? Then settle into a comfortable recliner, grab yourself a smooth cup of eggnog, and feast your eyes on this collection of cats, kittens, otters, penguins, and more. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart faster than the yule log and fill you with Christmas cheer.

This little fluff ball is a Pomeranian puppy, and possibly the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Teacup for scale.

Assassin’s Creed, kitten edition.

Mind if I move a bit closer? Baby, it’s cold outside!

Corgi thinks it’s a turtle, gets stuck on its back.

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