This Woman’s Vulgar Meltdown While Getting Ejected From An Airplane Will Warm Your Cold Heart, Or Something

I don’t have much context for this video — other than someone who posted in the YouTube comments said that the woman in this video had apparently been loud, vulgar, and disruptive prior to being ejected from the plane by air marshals — but if I had to guess whether or not alcohol was involved I’d easily wager my entire life savings. My absolute favorite part, after yelling at one uniformed officer that she’s going to sue and cost him his job and screaming allegations of racism and harassment, was the woman (who appears to be Caucasian or possibly Hispanic) telling a black, female officer in 100% sincerity that “they’re racist” as she exits the plane.

Headphones, people at work.

I’m with you, little girl at the end of the video. I’m with you.

(Via BroBible)