“Thor 2” In Some Serious Trouble?

It’s usually not good when a director walks away right before you’re starting to shoot over “creative differences”. It’s really bad when the producers decide their best bet is to tap one of two guys who directed a few “Game of Thrones” episodes.

Not that “Game of Thrones” is badly directed, but going from an experienced Shakespearean actor and Oscar-nominated director to a couple of TV guys is not usually a step forward in terms of quality.

On the bright side, the two directors, Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan, are hardly total hacks; Taylor made the amusing “The Emperor’s Clothes” and Minahan the underrated “Series 7: The Contenders”, which mocked reality shows and the SF chestnut of ordinary citizens forced to be in bloodsports before they were cultural sinkholes. Apparently the edge lies with Taylor. But whoever they hire will have to act fast and also pick a screenwriter: there’s a rewrite coming, and they’ve got to start shooting to make that 2013 release date.

[ via the Asgardians at Slash Film ]