Three Animals That Are Probably Making Fun Of You Behind Your Back

There are many things we used to believe about animals. That they were dumb. That they couldn’t recognize themselves in a mirror.

That they aren’t making fun of us by doing a crappy impersonation of us behind our backs.

Hate to destroy that last one, but they totally are. Here are three animals making fun of us, and how they do it.

#3) Noc the Beluga Thinks You’re Saying “Blah Blah Blah”

Sure, the whole idea that belugas can imitate human speech patterns went viral recently, because whales are cute, but this is what that Raffi-loving jerk is actually saying:

It’s true that Noc’s imitation, especially underwater, is so perfect that humans think he’s actually talking. Scientists believe Noc views human speech as a weird form of whalesong but hey, he’ll roll with it.

But what he’s really doing is making fun of your relationship problems.

#2) Hoover The Harbor Seal Wants You Off His Lawn

Hoover’s story is actually the stuff of Disney movies. His mother was killed and he would have died if not for a gruff-yet-kindly fisherman who raised him from a pup.

And who also taught him to yell at people:

Yeah, he’s a talking seal, who sounds like a drunk Jamie Hyneman. This is literally a imitation of the fisherman who raised him: It turns out his voice was in Hoover’s vocal range. This seal is actually something of an urban legend in Boston because he lived at the New England Aquarium until he died in 1985, meaning he scared the crap out of thousands of little kids in the region.

Although come to think of it, Hoover The Brat-Terrifying Seal would do gangbusters among parents.

#1) Koshik Is Just A Big Arrested Development Fan

Zoologists claim that Koshik, an elephant in Korea, doesn’t actually understand what he’s saying, since he only knows a few words and doesn’t expect people to follow his commands:

Personally, we suspect he’s just still finding that Annyong gag from Arrested Development funny, years after it stopped being so. Although admittedly, he has to troll people by sticking his trunk down his throat and manipulating his vocal chords, so A for effort.