Three Songs ‘Dead Space 3′ Should Have Used In Its Ad, Instead Of Phil Frickin’ Collins

So Dead Space 3 has a new trailer, and EA made the absolutely baffling choice to score it with a Phil Collins cover.

Don’t get us wrong: Lyrically, choosing the Phil Collins hit In The Air Tonight for Dead Space 3 makes a lot of sense. Memory and anxiety are a major theme in the game, and they’re a major theme in the lyrics. And this is growth, for horror game advertising, because at least it’s not screamy nu-metal. Musically, though… come on, EA. We can come up with three songs, right of the tops of our heads, that better suit the ad. See if you agree.

First, here’s the actual ad itself:

Again, it’s not a bad cover. But that said, it’s still frickin’ adult contemporary, especially since the cover kept the synth drum hits. You might as well have scored this thing to Sussudio. Our nominees for a better option:

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Mercy Seat

A song about a man being led to the electric chair for a crime he’s not entirely sure he’s guilty of. The acoustic version in particlar is a stab to the heart.

Relevant Lyrics: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth/and anyway I told the truth/and I’m not afraid to die.”

Nine Inch Nails, Vessel

Yeah, a song about something overwhelming you and erasing your identity? Seems apt.

Relevant Lyrics: “I let you put it in my mouth/I let it get under my skin/I let you pump it through my veins/I let you take me from within”

Mission of Burma, Trem Two

Granted, expecting EA to even have heard of an obscure Boston-area post-punk band is probably asking a lot, but this song has a particularly troubling and haunting mix of guitars and lyrics. And if you want to sum up Isaac Clarke, the opening is one hell of an apt way to do it.

Relevant Lyrics: “The face at the window/The features I know/I try to escape but/The world is too slow”

Give some more suggestions in the comments; clearly, EA desperately needs our help.