Today Is Brought To You By These Lynx And Calico Cat BFFs

06.18.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


It’s been a good week for heartwarming zoo stories involving wild cats. Yesterday we brought you news of three adorable Black-Footed Cat kittens being born at the Philadelphia Zoo, and this morning out of St. Petersburg comes this story of a friendship between a Lynx and calico cat at the Leningrad Zoo.

The two apparently met back in 2008 when the calico, a stray, wandered into the Lynx’s enclosure looking for food. And with this being Russia we’re talking about, not at all surprising in the least. But instead of this story ending up in a horrifically gruesome fashion, the two cats bonded, became inseparable — and the zoo decided to adopt the cat so the they could live together. The story is now just going viral thanks to this new YouTube clip making the rounds, and over five years later, they’re still very much in kitty love.

Personally, I’ve got four cats who all hate each others f*cking guts, so if a lynx and a cat can get along — then what the hell are my cats problems?

(You can view photos here via Love Meow)

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