Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is Sneaking Up on a Movie Deal

The title says it all — word is a number of movie studios are currently trying to get their hands on the Splinter Cell license. Right now it’s looking like Paramount, the studio behind a number movies based on Tom Clancy books, such as The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games, will likely end up winning the bidding war.

So, if this happens, is there any chance a Splinter Cell movie might actually be good? On the one hand, it’s a movie based on a video game series, so it’s got that going against it, but on the other hand there have been some okay-ish movies based on other Tom Clancy properties.

Of course Tom Clancy doesn’t really have anything to do with the Splinter Cell games, he just lets Ubisoft do whatever and slaps his brand name on there. So yeah, this movie is probably screwed.

via /Film