Tom Cruise's Silly Running In 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Inspires Mashup Greatness

We’ve featured film mashups by Matt Looker of The Shiznit on these here Gammasquads before, such as his spoiler-filled suggestion for how Gravity should have ended. Now he’s back with a mashup that combined my love of cajoling Tom Cruise with an unexpected bit of ’90s nostalgia.

In Edge Of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s character is a soldier fighting an alien invasion, except he’s stuck in a Groundhog Day style time loop in which he keeps reliving the day he dies, becoming a better soldier along the way with training from Emily Blunt.

The movie looks entertaining to me for two reasons the studio may not have intended: 1) Tom Cruise can’t stop getting exploded by these damn aliens! and 2) Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt try to run normally in exosuits weighing around 85 pounds. So much silly running.

Matt Looker noticed Tom Cruise’s running was reminiscent of something else, and he made his case with a short and surprising mashup. Sometimes the simple things are best.

Now somebody make a version of this with Maggie Grace’s dorky looking running in Taken.

Via The Shiznit