Tom Sizemore Makes Things Awkward By Calling Out A Fan Who Said His ‘Twin Peaks’ Appearance Was ‘Jarring’

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One of the benefits of being typecast as a general badass on-screen is that off-screen, you can use that general badassery to intimidate those who don’t appreciate your performances. Tom Sizemore knows this, and even without glaring at someone in real life, he was able to get real weird with a guy on Twitter who thought his presence in the third season of Twin Peaks was “jarring.”

Despite the fact that the observation is benign, Sizemore isn’t having it. He reached out directly to let the Eric Pope, the poor soul who made the initial tweet, and the world know that he’s not jarring, even when he’s being incredibly intimidating. How does one handle a Tom Sizemore who is coming at you hard on Twitter? How does one handle a Tom Sizemore at all?

The beginning of this strange Twitter odyssey was innocuous. Everyone could see that. Everyone but Tom Sizemore.

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