Tony Hawk Took A Hoverboard For A Spin And This Time It’s Not A Mean Prank

Count us among the very skeptical people who see a headline involving Tony Hawk and a hoverboard and immediately think of that terribly mean Funny or Die prank from earlier this year. In case your short attention spans have deleted that memory, a company called HUVr popped up out of nowhere back in March, thanks to what was being pushed as financial backing from Mark Cuban, and they had “celebrities” like Hawk, Terrell Owens and Billy Zane, among others, test out the new hoverboards that they claimed were in production for sale by the end of this year. Anyway, a lot of us saw it coming from a mile away and FoD had to fess up almost as soon as the first video went live.

Last month, though, the folks at Hendo announced that they came through with the real deal this time, and they’ve been collecting pledges and donations on Kickstarter to finally make our Back to the Future 2 dreams come true all these years later. Whether because they knew Hawk needed to make it up to us or just because he’s a living legend, Hendo invited the skateboarding god to their HQ to let him give the hoverboard a whirl, and this one looks like it might actually be real. Loud as hell, sure, but real.