Tough Mudder Is Going To Start Incorporating Tear Gas Into Its Obstacle Courses

Tough Mudder London South 2014
Getty Image

If you’ve ever been on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the Tough Mudder through that one friend who won’t shut up about all of the extreme sporting activities they’re always participating in. Basically Tough Mudders are ten to twelve mile endurance races that include a series of obstacles in addition to running. Lesser races have sprung up that basically just have people running in the mud, but the original Tough Mudder has courses that involve participants being plunged into tanks of nearly freezing cold water, shot through walls of actual fire, and in one obstacle called “Electroshock Therapy,” running through a field tripped with 10,000 volt live wires, possibly getting clotheslined by one.

Sounds like fun!

“But how can we make the Tough Mudder even more fun?” said some sadist somewhere. Well, the answer to that apparently involves tear gas, as one lucky writer for Sports Illustrated who got to test out a new course discovered. According to DNA info, Austin Murphy describes the new obstacle as “the feeling of having Sriracha poured into every one of [your] tiny cuts and abrasions.”

Murphy described crawling through a part of the course called “Cry Baby,” a tent filled with tear gas, as “shocking.” But he noted that “while it certainly stings, the active ingredient in this concoction is more benign than the one in real tear gas.”

What, it’s not even real tear gas? WUSSIES. I guess so much for the possibility for pelting participants with rubber bullets and stun grenades, then. Or maybe they’re just saving that for next year.