Transformers Roundup: Mulletbot, Sentinal Prime, etc.

There’s a lot of Transformers 3: the Unbearable Lightness of Being news to cover today, so let’s get right to it.  Above is a new Transformer, named Topspin, who turns into a NASCAR vehicle and appears to have a mullet.  Of course he does.  Another new character is Dreadbox, a Decepticon who looks like a Ferrari (probably mullet-free).  Also, even though Michael Bay has said this is his last Transformers film, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner hinted in an interview that the series might continue with or without Bay.  If a tree explodes in the forest, but Michael Bay wasn’t there to film it, will anybody still watch?  Answer: Yes, of course. Blowing up trees is awesome.  Addendum: the word answer looks really freaking weird. Yes I typed it into Google to spellcheck just now.

After the jump are a couple photos printed in an upcoming Empire Magazine article.  The first picture is the introduction Sentinel Prime, an Autobot who is “a big brother and mentor of Optimus Prime.”  The second picture shows the “new” Optimus Prime (now with 40% more primey goodness).  I guess I should have said “spoiler alert” for some of the stuff above, but let’s be honest: if I can “spoil” a Michael Bay movie about robots with mullets for you, it’s time to put the crackpipe down.

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