Transformers: Shut Up And Eat Your Awesome

Transformers: Dark of the Moon monosyllabically thuds its giant robot testicles into theater seats at midnight tonight, so Paramount dumped one last trailer, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.  The Monocular Group made their own Transformers trailer which skillfully posits Michael Bay is an artist of the explosion and we should “sit down, shut up, and eat your awesome”.

What is art? Is it defined by a stringent set of rules and regulations or can each be a master of their own medium? Complaining about the absence of gravitas in a film like Con Air is the same as looking at a work of Miro and saying “That sucks, it’s all squiggly!” [YouTube]

So, at midnight tonight, get ready for some mayhem, destruction, power, explosions, and (most of all) people looking up.  *air guitar* Oh man, and it’s in 3D.  It’s like the giant robot testicles are right in your face.  I’m gonna have so much fun trying to figure out which robot is punching which other robot and then yelling “NASCAR wooooooooooo!” when Topspin the mulletbot shows up.  We’re allowed to bring a big foam #1 finger into theaters right?

Daaaaaamn.  You know what this means:

Okay, here’s the real trailer.  Hmm.  Needs more explodey things.

[Hat tip and an awesome pet cheetah to TheDailyWhat and TheFilmStage]