Smart Guy Donald Trump Has Once Again Accidentally Helped The Justice Department By Confessing He Took Those Mar-A-Lago Documents

Three months and ten billion scandals ago, Donald Trump’s resort home was searched by the feds. They emerged with boxes of government documents, some of them highly classified. In the wake of the search, Trump’s story kept changing. He claimed he’d declassified them with his mind. He accused the agents of planting them. He even railed over agents not taking off their shoes in his home. To make matters worse, Trump keeps accidentally blurting out confessions.

At a rally in Miami on Sunday, Trump did what he always does: rant to his devoted followers about his personal problems. He’s got a lot of them, including the ongoing Justice Department investigation, which could end with him indicted on a very serious crime. Trump tried to get ahead of this issue by turning the tables on the FBI, who he said “violated” his “Fourth Amendment rights.” He then kept talking.

“Presidents leave, they take things, they take documents, they take things, they read them,” he told the crowd. “Nobody else has ever gone through this.”

Couple things. One, no American president in history has ever taken government documents with them after leaving office. Second, if the Justice Department was looking for a confession, him all but saying he took top secret documents with him is close to the real deal, as some noted.

This isn’t the first time Trump has inadvertently incriminating himself while discussing the Mar-a-Lago search. A few after it happened, he took to his rinky dink Twitter clone, where he managed to basically reveal that his lawyer had lied to the feds about the placement of said boxes.

(Via Vanity Fair)