Trump Reportedly Did Not Look So Hot During His Arraignment: ‘Visibly Shaken,’ ‘Gaunt,’ ‘Afraid’

Donald Trump has spent his entire life projecting strength. He talks a big talk, raging on social media, working up his already hotheaded supporters to defend him. But what is the real President Bone Spurs like? Those few who were able to attend his historic arraignment on Tuesday caught a glimpse of a very different version of the guy who once told Jan. 6 proteters to “fight like hell.”

Guardian reporter Hugh Lowell was one of the few allowed into the courtroom Tuesday, where live video had been banned at Trump’s request. No wonder he demanded that. Lowell described the scene during an appearance on MSNBC, and what he saw was not pretty.

Lowell said that when Trump arrived in the courtroom, he looked “particularly angry, visibly shaken, and the most gaunt that I’ve seen him.” He said it was “really striking” seeing this different, non-aggressive side of the 45th president.

“I’ve never seen him look so, I guess, afraid,” Lowell recalled. “And I’ve never seen him look so serious as he did today, and it was striking how all of this was on his face even as he showed no discernible emotion throughout proceedings.”

Trump was no doubt rattled by no longer being in control of his destiny. That was surely made worse by the judge ordering that he can’t go on social media, dropping incendiary, barely-veiled threats against those who now control his fate. One almost feels sorry for the big guy. Almost.

(Via Mediaite)